I am a curious soul. I spent childhood watching the ants crawl from their level, seeing grass blades as giant forests, seeing the setting sunlight play on the flower petals. I watch people, fascinated with body language. The way the turn or a hand, the tilt of the neck can say so much. 

The camera is my magic box. With it I capture visions, memories, perceptions. These beautiful moments that slip by in a breath, I can hold on to them forever. I am greedy, what can I say. I am only human, and I love to possess beauty. Through photography I have found a way to both feed my never ending hunger for beauty, and a window through which I can spread a divine appreciation for life and the human experience.

You will see variety in my art. Some may say that I have no consistency, that I am scattered, unspecialized. Well, I believe in being dynamic. I will never stop exploring every angle of art or life. I want to explore it all. The light, the dark, the romantic, the tragic, the boring, the exhilarating - all of it. Our existence here on this earth is short, but so unique. I celebrate every inch of humanity, and every part of the human experience. After all, it is all we have.

So I hope that you come on this journey with me. To explore the outside world, the greater world, the smaller world, your inner world. I hope that through my images you can do more than save your memories. You can see yourself from a new perspective, and perhaps learn something about yourself in the process. Most of all, I want you to see yourself the way that I see you. In love. In utter perfection of your humanity. See through my eyes, and love it all.